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Good evening all.

In 2011 when we originally tabled our prices, we were still hosting on normal platter drives, we have since upgraded all servers not only in spec but also to use SSD drives which are vastly more expensive. Yet we kept our prices the same.

Due to investments we had to make to our infrastructure, we simply have to review our prices.
Keeping in mind that these prices haven't changed much since 2011, while all our vendors have constantly increased their prices.
Our pricing structure has been long overdue for a review.

We have always strived to give customers the best value for money, and we will continue to do so. Now that we host in a cloud environment at Teraco we use more hardware for failover, and after much soul searching the only conclusion is to update our prices.

Existing service prices will only be increased on the November invoices, so this gives those existing services a month notice before the price change.New Orders WILL be at the new rates, this includes requests to upgrade or downgrade or moving from annualy to monthly or vice versa. New Invoices will have the new prices.You will all note the October invoices that were raised before the increase are still on the previous package prices. and we will honor those invoices.
New invoices will all be at the new rates.

Also all Cpanel accounts now feature an additional DIY website design tool called SitePad which we are sure you will love to use if you don't have a web designer already.

We trust that our service and support excellence will be the deciding factor to have us retain the honor of hosting your website in the future.

Below are the noted prices for all new orders starting now. You will notice that the higher disk cap package prices are more in line in terms of the cost per MB which is the driving cost of the SSD drive usage.

Package Old Price New Price
(Monthly payment)
Annual hosting price
(For clients who want to save 1 month's hosting fee and rather pay for a full year)
50mb  R 4.95 R 5.00 R 55.00
100mb R 9.95 R 10.00 R 110.00
250mb R 12.95 R 20.00 R 220.00
500mb R 15.95 R 25.00 R 275.00
750mb R 18.95 R 30.00 R 330.00
1gig  R 21.95 R 35.00 R 385.00
2gig  R 24.95 R 40.00 R 440.00
3gig  R 29.95 R 45.00 R 495.00
4gig  R 39.95 R 60.00 R 660.00
5gig  R 59.95 R 90.00 R 990.00
10gig R 79.95 R 120.00 R 1,320.00
20gig R 159.95 R 250.00 R 2,750.00
30gig R 239.85 R 400.00 R 4,400.00

We hope to remain your hosting provider of choice for years to come and we needed to make it financially viable for us to do so.
We waited 7 years to increase our prices and we have no intention of increasing the prices every year. This price increase is purely to keep the hosting offer sustainable

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your evening.

Kind Regards
Team Webspacebar

Follow up Facebook posts

We had some very harsh emails sent to us about the increases, and most of them from people paying R10 or R20 more per month. We would like to note here for you, what we have in place for all our customers, regardless of the package size you are on :
What's in place for customers :
CageFS (locks users into their own file system to avoid symlink attacks)
CloudLinux (the OS we run on which is a hardened OS)
LVE (avoids noisy neighbour issues,)
Imunify360 (Firewall & Malware detection)
CPHulk (Brute force detection)
Mailchannels (Email is relayed via Mailchannels to ensure a shared IP doesn't land up on a block list causing everyone on the same shared IP to have their mail bounce due to the IP being on the blacklist) We pay for the amount of email we relay. We are serious about the issue where shared customers might cause a shared IP to become blacklisted so we had to put this in place for you to ensure that you never have email bouncing because a single user on a shared server sent spam.
SpamAssasin (Spam Checking)
ClamAV (Antivirus Scanning)
MalDet (More Malware Detection)
ModSecurity (used by Imunify360 to look for intrusion attempts)
Softaculous (One Click Installer)
Backup software to backup each server nightly + storage for those backups. At the moment our backup storage environment is 11 TB. 3 TB at Teraco, 8 TB at a disaster recovery centre offshore. Monthly backups are pushed there.
SitePad (DIY Website design tool)
LiteSpeed (Much faster than Apache, while Apache is free Litespeed is expensive but we want only the best for our customers)
We hope people will take this to heart when they consider what they get when they pay R5 or 50mb hosting upwards.
We honestly can say the new prices reflect hours of careful planning to see where we can save costs to give you the lowest prices possible.
We make peace with the fact that some customers will be upset about paying an extra R5 or more depending on how much disk space they were using, but please understand that we are trying to make the business sustainable while everyone else are doubling their prices we haven't had price increases in the past 7 years for the majority of our packages and we have no intention of increasing the prices every year.
We want to do our best for you, at the best price we can humanly afford.