DirectAdmin Uncapped Disk Space Billed R10 per GB over the 1st Gig starting from R40 per month

Starting from R40 per month, your first gig is included free on this package and billed R10 per gig over 1gig used. No hard disk space cap is imposed, this is an all you can eat feast!

Single Domain Uncapped Disk Space Direct Admin account billed R10 per GB over 1GB

Hosted on DirectAdmin

This is an uncapped disk space package, billed once per month at the rate or R10 per GB

The package size starts at 1GB which is R40 per month and has no disk cap, you will be invoiced once per month, R40 for 1GB usage plus R10 per GB over 1GB.

This account does not allow for pirated media or personal backups, its purely intended for email, database and website use

One Domain Per Account, No Addon Or Alias Or Sub Domains Can Be Added

* Uncapped Metered Disk Space

* Uncapped Bandwidth

* Uncapped Mailboxes

* Uncapped Databases

* Uncapped Inodes

* Uncapped FTP accounts

* 1 domain per account

* Starting from R40 per month, the first 1GB is included in the R40 price.

* The 2 months free promo does not apply to this package

* Note during checkout the metered statement mentions the cost being per GB which is R10 Per GB over the first GB