Web Design Packages

All packages feature
Mobile Friendly Design

We will design the site to appear correctly on both desktop, tablet and mobile

Unlimited Mailboxes

You can host as many mailboxes as you like, just keep an eye on your disk usage as mail stops delivering when space is full. You get access to Webmail and you have the option to set up an email client to connect to your mailboxes.

Free co.za Domain

All packages include a free co.za domain registered for you, and you own the domain (we dont hold on to the domain if you wish to move away)

Whatsapp Click to Chat Button

If you have a whatsapp business number we will put a click to chat button on your site that lets your customers connect with you directly (as long as whatsapp is on the device they are browsing from, the button is a link that opens to your number)

Links to your Social Media Pages

If you have social media pages we will put links to them onto your website so visitors can go there directly at the click of a button.

Free SSL cert

We know how important it is that visitors feel secure when visiting your website, Letsencrypt SSL is included free on all packages and is renewed every 3 months at no charge.

Daily Malware Scans

The internet is a dangerous place, 0day exploits and malicious actors can cause havoc for anyone at any time. For that reason we scan for malware on a daily basis and stop botnets with automated captcha events.

Daily Backups kept for 1 month

We take dauly backups of all accounts (including mail on the server) and we keep the backups in retention for 1 month. Rest assured that disaster recovery is a moment away when you need it. (if you accidentally deleted a mail please just request a restore before the 1 month time period since the deletion lapses)

Customer gets a login to self manage the site

We give you the login to access your hosting package and your website content to make changes as needed.

100% owned by you

We don't lock the source code or deny you access to make changes

24x7 whatsapp server support

Chat to our engineers day or night, just start chatting and the engineers on shift will reply to you to assist with any problems you may have. Web design support will be done during office hours by the web design team. The 24x7 support is for urgent server related matters.

No Setup Fees, Cancel any time

You can cancel this package at any time and still keep your domain and your website. There are no hidden fees for this service. All features and rates are exactly as noted. We just request that if you wish to cancel a package where Adwords are in effect that you give 1 month notice so we may cancel the adwords to stop the fees they incur.

Package Comparison Ignition Liftoff Stratosphere Orbital Space Above Beyond
Monthly Fee R500 R1000 R2000 R3000 R5000 R10000 R25000
Web Pages 1 5 10 20 30 50 Unlimited
Hosting Package Included 500mb 1gig 5gig 10gig 20gig 50gig 100gig
Number of monthly website updates included 1 3 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Google Maps Location Linked

We do your keyword research for you

We do your logo design

Image slider included on your website

Google Adword Campaign Included in the package R500 R1000 R2000 R4000 R10000
Search Engine Submission to Google and Bing

Includes the option to have an E-commerce store on the site

Number of E-commerce store items loaded by us 50 500
Do monthly website scrape scans to see if anyone is copying your website content

Add your site to Cloudflare for you to add additional protection

Web designer on call 24x7

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